Home Front Gardens

    Home Front Gardens is both a garden maintenance service and a flower growing operation. With over ten years of commercial growing experience, I focus on healthy soil to grow exceptional flowers and shrubs, whether in a client’s gardenscape or in my own organic fields. We offer the Joy Share csa, wholesale, and custom event work.

  • Cotyledon Farm

    Cotyledon {kot~l~eed~n} are the first leaves that appear after a seed has sprouted. The cotyledons contain the stored food reserves in the seed. Our vision is to create & enjoy a diversified, small-scale, organically-grown vegetable & herb farm. Contact us to find out how to get involved through volunteering, work-share or CSA memberships

  • Botanical Butterfly Farm

    Woman owned + operated mini-farm focused on all natural, consciously grown, non-gmo medicinal herbs and heirloom vegetables grown from organic seed, using sustainable agriculture that focuses on soil health.

  • 56 Hooves

    Targeted Grazing Goats: The environmentally sensitive and cost-effective solution for controlling unwanted vegetation. 56 Hooves is owned and operated by Deb Dramby, formerly of Willowsford Farm. While prescribed vegetation management is it’s main business, the farm also produces chicken and duck eggs, goats milk soap, and is an ADGA registered breeder.

  • plantwithsammy

    plantwithsammy offers locally-grown & seasonal flowers without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Always #floralfoamfree. Committed to being transparent about the process from seed to vase. Flowers are sourced from a small cut-flower garden in Toronto and Bowmanville or from other local flower farmers with sustainable growing practices. 

  • Chickadee Creek Farm

    We are a women owned 15 acre vegetable farm in the Garden State, growing certified organic, selling at farmers’ markets and through a CSA, and making sure we keep our farmer team paid fairly through profit sharing.

  • Oak Hill Hops

    Farm to pint agrotourism. Located On the edge of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ashley Emmett is continuing to preserve her family’s farm which was established in the late 1800s as part of the Connecticut Western Reserve. You might know this location if you ever visited the Richfield Coliseum for a concert, game, or the circus. Hay and hops available.

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