• Off Center Farm

    Off Center Farm is the result of a decade of day dreaming about growing delicious, healthy food and gorgeous flowers. Farmer Kristyna’s background in global health, environmental sustainability, and teaching yoga inform her farming approach and inspire her to bring the community to the farm and the farm to the community.

  • Sub Edge Farm

    Our farm is a vibrant place providing hundreds of people in the Farmington River Valley with food and a connection to the land, and providing a home and livelihood for our family. We grow vegetables, small fruit, flowers and herbs, as well as cover crops using organic methods. We keep a small selection of heritage breed poultry, pigs and other farm animals. Many people visit the farm each season

  • Aradia Farm

    Clean Food, Clear Conscious Aradia Farm specializes in high quality, clean food free of GMOS, antibiotics, and added hormones.