• Omniflora Farm

    Omniflora Farm provides our southern Maine and New Hampshire seacoast communities with field-grown specialty cut flowers that honor our distinctive growing seasons. Our model is focused on transparency, sustainability, and excellence, and we look forward to another wonderful season in 2019. We love growing for you!

  • Maine Homestead Project

    We are devoted to teaching others about sustainability, organics and food sovereignty. We sell our organically fed, pasture raised eggs at our local farmers market and from our farm. We grow most of our own food & have implemented many permaculture techniques and principles as we add to our farmscape. Orchards, garden beds and a no till farming, Camping as well.

  • Fervor Farm

    At age 33, I have moved on to my mother’s land to start up a farm together. We have, pork, lamb, chickens, ducks and veggies.

  • Old Narrow Gauge Farm

    Certified organic heritage hog farm featuring forest raised Gloucestershire old spots pigs for pork, forest ranged laying hens & farmstead cannery specializing in local, wild foraged preserved delicacies

  • Steelbow Farm

    A small, human powered, intensive, diverse vegetable operation in Central Maine. We offer 90+ varieties of delicious, quality vegetables grown sustainably on 3/4 of an acre. We love farming and we love feeding the community. We believe in working hard, eating well and caring for the land.

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