• Johnson Family Pastures

    Johnson Family Pastures is a local, community based, family farm located in the St. Croix River Valley. We produce quality chicken, pork, beef, and eggs, from our pasture-raised, heritage breed livestock. All our products are raised with the health of the land, our animals, and our customers in mind. We welcome you to become a part of our community farm family!

  • Two Girls And A Farm

    Building a food forest using permaculture principles. Organic, pasture raised chicken and duck eggs. Fruits and Vegetables grown in our gardens. Honey from our bees.

  • MooPoo Ranch

    Stacy Martin is the creator of MooPoo Ranch, which is a happy place where animals are raised with love and according to nature. Beef cattle, pigs, turkeys, and chickens are all raised for food on healthy green vegetation and in alignment with Mother Nature. Products include 100% grassfed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken, pastured turkey, pastured eggs, produce, and flowers. MooPooRanch.com

  • Farm Sweet Farm LLC

    Farm Sweet Farm is home to naturally raised grassfed beef, pastured chickens and organic eggs!!! The story behind Farm Sweet Farm The name, as you might have gathered, reminds us of the saying home sweet home. This is our home and how sweet it is to share it with all of you. Now farming is one thing we are doing, but what we truly aim to accomplish is providing local, direct from the far

  • Groche Organic Farms

    Located just north of Green Bay, Groche is a certified organic, family owned farm. Historically known as The Pumpkin Place, the corn maze traditions continues. CSA and wholesale customers enjoy 50 different kinds of veggies, herbs, and melons. Lambs, chickens, and turkeys are also pasture raised. The farm is 50% female owned and operated.

  • Whale Lake Gardens & Wellness

    We are a small homestead farm on 15 acres with chickens, seasonal pigs and turkeys, and a 1/2 acre garden + orchard. We have a small CSA of 10 families and try to resource our land for most of our food.

  • Harmony Farm

    A small woman owned and run farm passionate about the joy and health of our animals and the earth. Our goats are humanely raised, grass fed and antibiotic free.

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